Zang (1456-Present) Is a character in Super Hero Life Series.

Zang is created in March 2017 by turk1shhhg4merr

Zang is not have a body inside the costume. Just has a soul.

Creation of Zang

When dates shows 17 March 2017 turk1shhhg4merr wanted to create Yang from YinYang but because of ROBLOX Safe chat he needed type Zang. He typed and created the Zang. And later, he give a important choice. And load it to his heroes list. Zang was keep saying to people 'Zang isn't my nick! im Yang! because of the safe chat!'

and people kept saying 'Ur Zang!'

And one day He accepted he is 'Zang'.

The Era Table Of Zang

Yang March 2017-May 2017
Yzang 2 May 2017-6 May 2017
Zang 8 May 2017-Present

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