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OC Registration

In this thread, you post your OC for it to be registered in the List of Registered OCs. Only the creator of the OC can register their OC. The OC must be in a roleplay with a storyline. Please follow the guidelines below for your OC to be registered. I will be using my OC Silent Whisper, or Cassie Allen, as an example.

Name: Cassie Allen

Pictures: (( Please include pictures for your OC with and without their suit or armor with angles from the top, right, left, front, and back. If the OC does not have a suit or armor, then just do the five pictures. For the left and right photos, please label which side is which to avoid confusion.

Race: Meta-human

Gender: Female

Personality: tsundere (( for personalities like this, it is completely fine if this is the only personality you put down. However, if you type a personality like "creative", you have to put a bit more ))

Hair Color: Tyrian purple ( whether it is dyed or not is a mystery )

Eye Color: gray / grey

Age: 18

Birthday: March 2nd

Date of Birth: March 2, 2036

Status: Alive

Father: Barry Allen / The Flash

Mother: Iris West-Allen ( otherwise known as Iris West before marriage )

Siblings: (( I will keep this blank, as there are many OCs out there who's mother and/or father is Iris West-Allen / Iris West or Barry Allen. However, you may still fill it in if a sibling is the OC of somebody you RP with often, or if it is your OC. These would have to be registered. To keep things easier to understand, after a sibling's name, you must put their gender, if they are older or younger, and, if they are, twins, triplets, quadruplets, et cetera, in parentheses. However, if it is twins or beyond, you have to state how older or how younger they are—an example would be 2 minutes older ))

Backstory: (( Please include a descriptive paragraph about your OC's backstory, with proper spelling and grammar. I do NOT want something like "she were cused to never foll in love by a wich she is sercing for sumon to help her" due to the fact that it is very hard to understand and the character will not be added. And no, that is not part of Cassie's backstory. ))

Side (( You may call it whatever you want, as long as it's telling me if they are Other, Hero, or Villain )): Other (( If it has changed in the past, put down whatever side they were on before, followed by "( formerly );" and then their current side. If it has changed more than once, then continue doing "( formerly );" until it reaches their current side. Mercenaries, vigilantes, and the like fall under "Other", and you will have to add "( Mercenary )" / whatever the OC is after "Other". However, mostly-neutral OCs classified as "Other" do not have to have this after. ))

Alias: Silent Whisper

Abilities / Powers: telepathy ( can talk inside people's minds; can search through other's memories, old thoughts, and (maybe even) read their emotions; can tamper with memories ); controls lightning or electricity ( bends the light from lightning to become invisible ); can hear anything ( not everything—hearing everybody all over Robloxia would give one heck of a headache; depending on if somebody is close enough, she can hear their thoughts ); she does not have super strength like the Hulk or other meta-humans. However, her strength is great enough for her to leave a dent in a wall if she punches it ( not a big dent or a medium sized dent, but big enough to tell that there is a dent ); somehow knows everything ( how she manages this is not clear, but it is theorized that this is because of her advanced hearing and her way of keeping tabs on things )

Weapons: a bo staff

Skills: Seems fluent in multiple languages; knows how to hack ( how well exactly is unknown, but Felicity Smoak is definitely way better ); never makes a sound ( Silent Whisper ) ( this comes in handy for spying )

Known Doppelgängers: Lexi Allen / Lightning ( Earth 2 ) (( If your OC does not have any known doppelgängers, then just leave this blank. If there is known doppelgänger(s), then you must put their first and last name, along with an alter-ego if they have one. You also must state which Earth the doppelgänger is from ))

Planet: Earth 1

Extra Notes / Info: (( Here, you just add some extra notes that don't fall under anything above ))

Your Roblox Username: YoungMax2 (( Please, do not get this wrong.. it is too simple to make a mistake on. )

That is it! If there are any other things added, it will be seen to that the current registered OCs have it added. After an OC is registered, it must be seen to by whoever made that OC to update the Roleplay Storyline section in their OC's page. Any spam or discrimation / hate towards other OCs will be deleted. Continued hate or spam would result in the user getting a warning. If it is continued after that, they will have a temporary ban. Continued spam or discrimination / hate on other OCs after multiple temporary bans will result in a permanent ban.
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